All You Need To Know About Strata Developments

Strata developments refer to properties that share common areas such as staircases, access roads or parks. Most flats and subdivided plots in Australia have a strata title. In the article below, you will learn more about strata developments and the various considerations you should make when purchasing strata property. How Do Strata Developments Operate?  By law, anyone that purchases a unit in a strata development automatically joins the owners' association. This is a body that manages and runs the strata development.

Property Management Tips

Property management can be a challenging task. More often than not, most managers are unable to align their goals with those of their clients (landlords). Read the extract below to learn how you can improve your property management practice.  Understand The Needs of Your Clients Most clients will interview you to determine if you can manage their properties. However, it is essential to ask a few questions to understand how the client would want their property managed.