4 Signs of a Cat a Commercial Cleaner Can Remove Before You Show Your Property to Prospective Buyers

As far as you're concerned, that little bundle of feline fluff is a major part of what turns your house or apartment into a home. Unfortunately, not all potential buyers are going to see it that way; sure, you might get the occasional kitty-lover, but many people will be put off by the presence of a cat. If you have one, you really should think about getting a commercial cleaner in before you hold an open house or start walking people around.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Viewing a Property

If you've decided to purchase a new home and have asked a real estate agent to arrange a viewing of a property you're interested in, here are a few questions which you should keep in mind during your visit to the house. Is it structurally sound? Being able to spot the small signs of structural weaknesses in a property could save you a lot of heartache and expense in the future; if you purchase a house with serious structural problems, you could find yourself having to pay for major reparative work.

What You Need to Know About Mould and Asbestos Testing in Your Home

Mould and asbestos are very dangerous to your health, as they both can cause serious respiratory problems; in extreme cases, inhaling these substances can lead to cancer, respiratory failure and even death! This is why it's good to understand your options for having a home tested for mould and asbestos and your options for managing these substances in the home if they're found. Note a few factors to consider, and then discuss your situation with a removal specialist as needed.

3 Planning Practices When Buying Land In A Bushfire Prone Area

Buying a plain parcel of land can give you the flexibility to build just the type of home you want. But with many pieces of land opening up in bushfire prone areas, certain legal rules may apply to your building process. Bushfire construction has been created to reduce the threats from bushfires in Australia. Follow these planning practices when buying land in a bushfire prone area. Check The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

A guide to finding the right retirement property

Buying a retirement property where you can go and live during your sunset years can be quite nerve-racking given that there are so many factors to take into consideration. Here is a checklist to assist you in your search for the right retirement home. Location If you are relocating to be nearer to friends and family members, keep in mind that you will more likely be spending a lot of time indoors, so the view afforded by your windows is very important.