Factors to Consider Before Choosing Door Handle Designs

When people come to your home, the first thing they come face to face with is the door. After knocking, they will probably stay a couple of seconds at your doorstep, and this is the moment they might decide to look at your door handles. As with any other fitting in your house, the door handles communicate your taste, and to some extent your personality. As a homeowner, you do not want to get this part wrong. It is for this reason that care must be taken when choosing door handle designs. With numerous models available to customers, making a purchase decision can be a nightmare. This article attempts to highlight some of the factors you need to consider if you want to find the right design for your door handle.

Your Style -- Door handles come in different styles, and one has to choose which one suits their taste. The style of door handle you select needs to match the style on the different parts of your house. For instance, if you decide to take a traditional approach to other parts of the house, going for angularly-shaped door handles will not work for you. In the same breath, if you prefer contemporary curves, then you will not achieve the much-needed contrast with straight handles. You have to know what your style to contrast and complement the handles with other parts of the house.

Levers or Knobs -- Door handles usually come in two types, that is, levers and knobs. When choosing the type to go for, you first have to consider who is going to be using the door frequently. For instance, if there will be senior citizens in the house most of the time, then lever handles are better than door knobs. The reason is that older adults find it easy to use levers compared to knobs because levers are less demanding to joints. If there is a room where you do not want children to be frequent, you can use doorknobs because they are hard to twist for children. Make sure that you blend functionality and aesthetics when deciding between levers or knobs.

Environment -- The environment of residence plays a significant role when choosing door handle designs for your home. The environment affects the look of door handles over time. For instance, if you stay in the coastal region, it is best to choose door handles with a matte finish because they do not get tarnished by the salty humidity in the atmosphere.