How to Cut Down Your Office Staff's Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint refers to how much pollution a person is responsible for; many people today are very concerned with how they can reduce this footprint, at home and in the office. If you manage an office or own a company with office space, note a few ways you can reduce the pollution for which you and your staff are responsible, and how to reduce everyone's carbon footprint overall.

Get a scanner

Rather than keeping and distributing copies of paperwork, you might scan these items and deliver them electronically to your staff, and even to those outside your company. This reduces the amount of trees that are cut down to create paper, as well as the power that is used by copy machines to create all those copies.

Choose biodegradable rubbish bags

Always choose rubbish bags and liners that are biodegradable, and which will break down easily and naturally in landfills. Heavy plastic bags may take years to decompose, and may also emit harsh toxins into the environment as they break down. Opt for recycled paper bags or those made from natural products without harmful toxins.

Organize employee carpooling

Your employees may all drive into the office individually because they have never thought of organizing a carpool. Suggest having this done for your office, but keep it as a voluntary participation program, as some employees may need to pick up their children or have other commitments that keep them from being part of a carpool. Send out an email and provide a calendar that notes when certain people can drive, as well as maps that show where participants live and the best time and location for pickups. The office manager or someone else might take a few minutes each week to ensure the carpooling is organized and assist those who participate with questions and other issues, and this can reduce the number of persons who drive individually to the office every day.

Talk to your cleaners about green cleaning methods

Talk to the commercial cleaning company you hire for your office cleaning about their methods of cleaning; they may offer nontoxic solutions for cleaning various surfaces, rather than using harsh chemicals and bleach. They may even have suppliers for biodegradable rubbish bags, as mentioned above, as well as paper towels, bathroom tissue, and other items that are made from recycled materials. Note what green cleaning methods they can offer and what suggestions they might also make for creating an office with the smallest carbon footprint possible. For more information, contact a business such as SKG Pty Ltd.