4 Signs of a Cat a Commercial Cleaner Can Remove Before You Show Your Property to Prospective Buyers

As far as you're concerned, that little bundle of feline fluff is a major part of what turns your house or apartment into a home. Unfortunately, not all potential buyers are going to see it that way; sure, you might get the occasional kitty-lover, but many people will be put off by the presence of a cat. If you have one, you really should think about getting a commercial cleaner in before you hold an open house or start walking people around.

Here are just four things that will be removed.

1. The Hair

Most cats shed quite a lot, and it can be very hard to keep on top of things. Even if you're fairly vigilant about vacuuming all that hair up, it's likely that some will escape your notice, and cat hair all over the place is unlikely to make potential buyers feel particularly positive about your property. A commercial cleaning service will get into every corner and crevice to ensure that all that offending hair is gone before people start arriving.

2. The Smell

One of the first things you notice about a home is the way it smells, which is why real estate agents always try to use air fresheners to make that first sensory experience as positive as possible. Unfortunately, the smell of a cat can really interfere with things. As time has passed, you've probably become accustomed to the way your cat smells, but prospective buyers will not be able to say the same. A commercial cleaning company will be able to use high-grade cleaners and machines, such as steam cleaners, to make your home smell nice and fresh.

3. The Dander

One of the worst situations you can run into when selling a home that houses a cat is showing someone around who happens to be allergic. Maybe they'll love the wallpaper you used in the hall and the tiles you used in the bathroom, but it's going to be tough to appreciate any of a property's features through streaming eyes or between violent sneezes, let alone both at once. Again, this is not going to make people want to buy – it just ensures a negative first impression. This is one of the most important reasons to hire a commercial cleaning company instead of doing the job yourself – they will be far more capable of removing all the dander by using commercial-grade cleaning tools.

4. The Stains

Finally, you might have some stains that need to be removed. Yes, cats are generally quite fastidious, but accidents can happen. Those pesky felines also like to knock over vases and other such items, and, if your cat is allowed to come and go as it pleases, it might also have tracked in dirt across the floors. It should go without saying that those stains need to be removed by a professional before you even think about showing off your property.