3 Planning Practices When Buying Land In A Bushfire Prone Area

Buying a plain parcel of land can give you the flexibility to build just the type of home you want. But with many pieces of land opening up in bushfire prone areas, certain legal rules may apply to your building process. Bushfire construction has been created to reduce the threats from bushfires in Australia. Follow these planning practices when buying land in a bushfire prone area.

Check The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

If you're planning to build on a particular parcel of land in a bushfire prone area, make sure you get a BAL assessment from your local council or planning authority. This rating typically tells you how prone the land is to a bushfire threat and will recommend specific build materials that can be used. You can call your local council to get a detailed copy of the BAL assessment of the land if it has already been done. Alternatively, you may have to engage a building inspector to conduct the BAL assessment. Keep in mind that there are six levels of bushfire attack that determine how buildings must be constructed with BAL Flame Zone being the highest.

Establish The Type Of Construction You're Allowed

Before buying a certain type of land and once you have had a BAL assessment conducted, make sure you're aware of the type of construction you're allowed. For example, some land sites may not allow construction of double storey houses, which is perhaps something you're looking for given the size of your family. In this instance, you may want to look at alternative parcels of land that enable you to build more than one floor, with the scope to build further if required over time. Take the time to consider your own specific needs before you choose a piece of land.

Consider The Size Of The Land Before Construction

The size of the land you're buying can also make a difference when you're buying in a bushfire prone area because bigger parcels allow you to push the home further back and away from bushland. On the other hand, a snug parcel of land gives you little room to consider where to place your house when you actually start building. Think about how you plan on using the land for construction before you make the decision to purchase it.

Many people like to buy land because it allows them to make decisions for the benefit of their families. However, consider these added factors when you make a decision to buy land in a bushfire prone area.