Moving Into A Smaller House? Here Are some Storage Ideas For Your Excess Furniture

Things are not always rosy when moving. You might be moving with short notice, you might be moving into a house that you don't exactly like, and in some cases, you might find that you are moving into a house that is smaller than what you had. This presents a problem because you are then left with excess furniture that can't fit in the house. If this is your current predicament, check out some of the options you have on the table.

Seek storage from the removalist

Many removalists in the country offer storage solutions. If your removalist is one of those, you can ask them to keep your excess furniture in storage until you can come up with a plan B. This is a convenient option because the removalist will help you move and then take away the excess items, so you won't have to ensure a storage predicament even for a minute.

Stow your items in the garage temporarily

If your new home has a garage, you can choose to use the room as a storage facility, albeit temporarily. If you have a car, you can park it in front of the garage instead. This way, you will be able to store your excess furniture under lock and key and away from the elements, at least until you figure out a way forward.

Buy a shed for long term storage

If you plan to live in your new home for a while and do not wish to remove the excess items from your premises at all, the best alternative is to seek an equally permanent storage option — a shed. You can order a shed of any size you like and have it delivered to your premises. However, this only works if you have space to put the shed.

Hire a container

If you only need temporary storage, you can hire a used shipping container instead. These are available in plenty and come in multiple sizes as well. You can even get a mini-container if you only need a little space. With this option, you can keep your excess furniture close by as you evaluate which to use and which to dispose of. The units are safe and even portable, should you wish to move yours.

Hire a self-storage unit

If you are out of options, you can always hire a self-storage unit. You can ask your removalists to transport your leftover furniture to one nearest to you. Self-storage units are cheap and available in different sizes too. You can hire one of your liking on a month-to-month basis even without any prior notice.

In the end, after you have had time to adjust and settle down, you may opt to put some of the items in your new house, sell others and perhaps give out the rest.